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Other Interesting Investigations I’m Working On

I have been working with the these authors on their investigations and recommend both of the following books.



Working with Roger Charles on investigative work on the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing in association with CBS News “60 Minutes II” back in 2001, I continued to work with Charles over the next eleven years, providing research support for his 2012 book on that topic with his co-author Andrew Gumbel. That volume, Oklahoma City: What the Investigation Missed and Why It Matters, still hasn’t told the complete story, the remainder at least hinted at in a referenced interview of mine on page 11 and in related source notes on page 355. Investigative efforts by Charles and me to finish the story indeed are continuing. Meanwhile, a paperback second edition of the Charles/Gumbel book just has been released in the late summer of 2013 by Harper Collins Publishers, and I recommend it.


Also in 2012 author Peter Janney published a book entitled Mary’s Mosaic, a probing examination of the 1964 murder in the Washington, D.C., area of a woman named Mary Pinchot Meyer. She was the sister-in-law of WashingtonMarysMosaicCover Post’s Ben Bradlee and, much more importantly, a very serious love interest of President John F. Kennedy over the last few years of his life. She was well aware of Kennedy’s secrets—what new international policy directions he discreetly was pursuing and whom in the national security establishment he was profoundly angering in the process—enough to know that the Warren Commission Report was utter nonsense. When she threatened to go public with what she knew, she in turn was quickly silenced, undoubtedly on orders from the same people responsible for the JFK assassination. With encouragement from colleague Roger Charles, Janney asked me in the summer of 2012 to assist him with followup research for a second edition of the book, now just released in the late summer of 2013 in paperback form by Skyhorse Publishing, including 32 important new pages of a Preface to Second Edition, Post Script, and Post Script Notes. I recommend it as well. Be sure to look for the second edition.



In both of these projects, I also have been ably helped along the way in my research efforts—primarily in the arduous task of tracking down the many folks all over the U.S. and even Canada who needed to be located for interview purposes—by private investigator Robert Arthur of Global Investigations in Scottsdale, Arizona.


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2 thoughts on “Other Interesting Investigations I’m Working On

  1. Hello Don, I am a casual reader of the JFK assassination and was wondering if you have gotten any further in your investigation regarding the Mary Pinchot murder. Quite a fascinating story and gruesome murder with the fingerprints of the CIA written all over it. Just wondering if there’s any further information that could help clear up the mystery?

    Thank you,
    Richard Singerman

    • Richard:

      Thanks for the interest. If you haven’t already done so, read the second edition of Peter Janney’s MARY’S MOSAIC for the latest in book form on the 1964 murder of Mary Pinchot Meyer. A third and even further updated edition of that book also is scheduled for release by summer 2016.

      For excellent work on the JFK assassination generally, I especially recommend James Douglas’ JFK AND THE UNSPEAKABLE and David Talbot’s THE DEVIL’S CHESSBOARD regarding Allen Dulles and the CIA.

      Don D.

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