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Part 2: The Bolles Murder: A Case of Curious Coincidences

When I released Newsletter No. 50 on the Don Bolles homicide case back in February 2009, I also felt compelled to append copies of three documents to remove any uncertainties about several key aspects of that information. I have decided to make those documents available here as well.

Click on the thumbnails for a view of the full size document.


Babbitt 1977 house deed.

The first is a copy of the January 1977 deed by which then Arizona Attorney General Bruce Babbitt acquired a house in Phoenix from Dominick Balzano. At that point Babbitt already had taken charge of the Bolles murder investigation and prosecution. Balzano in turn was among those suspected of complicity in the organized crime theft of gold from Motorola, the “big story” on which Bolles had been working until stopped by the June 1976 car-bombing that killed him.


Motorola official Weisz bio.

The second document is a Motorola press release which effectively confirms the role of William Weisz as corporate president in the critical years leading up to and following the Bolles homicide. During that span Motorola evidently suffered a very sizable mob rip-off of such precious metals without—for some strange reason—ever making a related complaint to law enforcement authorities.

My 1986 Scottsdale Progress article.

My 1986 Scottsdale Progress article.

The third is an article which appeared under my byline in the Scottsdale Progress during September 1986. I have included it only to answer questions about whether I actually had made public crucial aspects of this information prior to the still-misdirected 1993 re-trials of Max Dunlap and Jim Robison. Curiously, the lead investigator chosen for the state attorney general’s office was George Weisz, son of William Weisz.

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